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FREE THE SCOTT SISTERS!!! (via The SuperSpade)

If there was ever a clearer representation of the ills in the American justice system, here it is. Down in Mississippi, two Black women, Jaime and Gladys Scott are in prison for life for…wait for it…an $11 robbery. Seriously?!?!?!? Moreover, from what I have read from about this case, no one was hurt, the prosecutor … Continue reading

Model minorities versus Black (reverse) racists: Blacks, Asian Americans, & South Philadelphia High (via Bandung 1955)

I believe this post accurately explain the situation between Asian Immigrant students using the model minority stereotype for their own benefit and dividing and harming a community rather then actively seeking a resolution peacefully Model minorities versus Black (reverse) racists: Blacks, Asian Americans, & South Philadelphia High Tamara K. Nopper December 18, 2009 As a resident … Continue reading

The Caste of Avatar, the black man’s opinion

I know I am late to the blogging party when it comes to this but the more I come across the topic the more I find myself vexed to the point of stating my opinion. I am not a person of Asian descent however I feel the weight of this issue like any in their Diaspora mainly because as a minority I can fully relate to being place on the metaphorical sideline while someone else is on the court “representing” you. As an African-American I know firsthand how society beat minority actors and actresses into stereotypical niches. I admit The Last Airbender isn’t too far removed from the “Asian Martial Arts/Magic” stereotype but at least the managed to do so with a healthy blend of Americanization, which could have been monumental for Asian-American actors who often got to play up the foreign factor or face obscurity in the mainstream media. This movie could have been the showcase for young Asian American talent and a chance for more veteran actors/tress to step into what should have been well developed characters that are awesome and happen to be Asian. I was shocked and angered by the white washing of this movie and M Night

African American Television in a Global World

African American Television in a Global World by Timothy Havens
MVH is proud to repost this finely crafted paper about Globalization of Media and how the African Americans are both successful in the field and cursed by it. This is a great read for any Minority because all have similar tales when it comes to Television.